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Frequently Asked Questions (Payers)

What types of questions does Medical Mutual answer for Payers

Payers can call Medical Mutual if there are questions in regards to the pricing of a claim. Payers can also call Medical Mutual if they need to know the provider’s Network status; the website, , can also be accessed to find the network status of a provider.

What is the difference between the SuperMed Plus, SuperMed Classic and Traditional network?

The SuperMed Plus network contains both institutional and professional providers that hold a SuperMed contract with Medical Mutual

The SuperMed Classic network is a network that includes institutional providers only that hold a SuperMed contract with Medical Mutual.

The Traditional network is a network that includes institutional and professional providers which hold a Traditional(Participating) contract with Medical Mutual. These providers are often referred to as Participating providers. Please note, all SuperMed Plus and SuperMed Classic providers are also part of the Traditional network.

If I have the SuperMed Plus or SuperMed Classic product and I do not find the provider in my search what do I do next?

Search for the same provider using the Traditional product search. If the provider is found in the Traditional network only, the provider will be considered NonNetwork (assuming you have a SuperMed product); however, the provider cannot balance bill the patient for an amount over the priced amount. Using a Traditional only provider still results in savings, but the savings will not be as good as the savings achieved by using a SuperMed provider.

If the provider you are searching for is not found using either search, then the provider will be considered NonNetwork and NonParticipating.

Which Network product generates the most Savings?

The SuperMed Plus product will generate the most savings as this network is comprised of both institutional and professional providers

Is there a phone number I can call to confirm a provider’s SuperMed network status?

Providers can also be located by simply having the member call our Provider Locator Services phone number which is noted on your ID card at 800 601 9208. The operators have access to provider information which is updated daily.

How do I order a Provider Directory?

Provider searches can be done by provider name and or specialty and the results can be printed off of the website by going to